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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings stored on your computer when you visit certain pages on the internet.

To order products on the Site, cookies must be enabled. If the user does not want to accept cookies, he can still browse the site and use it for research purposes. In most browsers, cookies are enabled, at the bottom the user can find the information necessary to change the cookie settings on his browser.

Cookies are not harmful to thedevice of the user. In the cookies that are generated, no personal identification information is stored, such as, for example, credit card details, but encrypted information collected by them can be used to improve the user's stay on the site. For example, they are useful for identifying and resolving errors, or for determining relevant related products to be shown to the visitor while browsing.

This information is provided to ensure transparency regarding the user's privacy when using the Site.

Cookies can perform various functions such as, for example, allowing the user to navigate between the various pages efficiently by remembering his preferences and, in general, can improve the user's stay on the site.

ShoWine reserves the right to use cookies, with the consent of the user where the law or applicable regulations so establish, to facilitate navigation on the Site and customize the information that will appear.

ShoWine also reserves the right to use similar systems to collect, where appropriate with the user's consent, information on users of the Site, such as for example IP address, type of internet browser and operating system used and / or web pages. visited by a user, for statistical or security purposes. ShoWine may collect this information to track site usage and improve certain aspects.

Below is a brief illustration of how ShoWine uses cookies and similar tools.

First party cookies

First-party cookies are set by the website visited by the user, whose address appears in the URL window.

Third party cookies

Third-party cookies are set by a domain other than the one visited by the user. If a user visits a site and a different company sends information using that site through cookies, third-party cookies are present.

ShoWine has no access to and control over cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies used on third-party sites that the user can access from the Site. The user is invited to read the privacy policy of third-party websites to which he accesses through the Site, in order to understand the conditions applicable to the processing of personal data on such websites. ShoWine has no responsibility with respect to third party websites and their cookies.

Session cookies

These cookies are stored temporarily and are deleted when the user closes the navigation window.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on the user's device between browser sessions, allowing you to remember your preferences or user actions on the Site. These cookies can be used for various purposes, for example to remember preferences and choices made when you use the Site.

Technical cookies

·         Navigation cookies

These cookies are essential for the user to move around the Site and to use its features, such as accessing restricted areas. Without these cookies, the requested services cannot be provided, such as the shopping cart or e-billing.

Strictly necessary cookies are used to store a unique identifier in order to manage and identify the user as unique compared to other users who are visiting the site at that time, in order to provide the user with a consistent and accurate service.

·         Functional cookies

These cookies can have a session duration or persistent. These cookies are usually the result of a user action, but can also be implemented in the provision of a service not explicitly requested but offered to the user. They can also be used to prevent a previously offered and refused service from being offered to that user again. Furthermore, these cookies allow the site to remember the user's choices (such as user name, language, country of origin, etc ...). The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and cannot track user behavior on other sites.

For the use of these cookies, the user's prior consent is not required. In any case, the user can block the installation of technical cookies, or subsequently delete them. In this case, however, the ability to access the Site, to make use of it in whole or in part, to enable or disable certain functions or to receive certain services could be totally or partially compromised.

Performance cookies or analytical cookies

These cookies can be session or persistent, their use is limited to the performance and improvement of the website. These cookies collect information on how a visitor uses the site, such as the pages visited. These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated anonymously and is used only to improve the functionality of the site.

The prior consent of the user is not required for the use of these cookies.

The user is free to block the installation of analytics cookies at any time, without the possibility of visiting the Site and using its contents being compromised in any way.

Profiling cookies

These cookies are designed to create user profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the net.

The prior consent of the user is required for the installation of these cookies. For this reason, when the user accesses particular sections of the Site that install this type of cookie, a special banner is displayed, which informs that profiling cookies are used on this section of the Site and that by closing the banner, scrolling the page or by clicking any element of the page other than the banner, you are consenting to the use of cookies. Should the user express his consent to the installation of cookies in this way, his consent will be tracked through a specific technical cookie. In this way, you will avoid having the banner displayed on the cookies during the user's subsequent visits to the sections of the Site. If the user were to delete this technical cookie from his browser in the manner described below, the trace of your consent would be lost and, therefore, during your next visit to the sections of the Site, the cookie banner will be displayed again.

The user is free to block the installation of profiling cookies at any time, without the possibility of visiting the Site and using its contents being compromised in any way. If the user decides to disable behavioral advertising, it does not mean that he or she may no longer receive advertising on the Site. However, the banners that they will display on the Site may not reflect their interests or preferences on the browser they are currently using.

Social cookies

These third-party cookies allow the user to interact with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and allow the user to share site content through social networks..

For the use of these cookies, the user's prior consent is required. The user is free to block the installation of social cookies at any time, without the possibility of visiting the Site and enjoying its contents being compromised in any way. If the user decides to disable social cookies, he will no longer be able to share the contents of the Site through social networks.

How you can disable cookies?

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but the user can also choose not to accept them. It is advisable not to disable this function, since this may prevent you from moving freely from one page to another and enjoying all the peculiarities of the Site.

If the user does not want his computer to receive and store cookies, he can change the security settings of his browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc.). In any case, please note that certain parts of the Site can be used to their full extent only if the user's browser accepts cookies; otherwise, the user will not be able to add products to the cart and purchase them (for example). Consequently, the user's choice to remove and not accept cookies may adversely affect his stay on the Site.

If the user wishes to change the cookie settings by entering the settings of the various browsers, below are brief instructions on how to do this in the four most popular browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Click the 'Tools' icon in the top right corner and select 'Internet Options'. In the pop up window select 'Privacy'. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.
Google Chrome: Click the wrench in the upper right corner and select 'Settings'. At this point, select 'Show advanced settings' (Under the hood') and change the 'Privacy' settings.'.

Mozilla Firefox: From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, select 'Options'. In the pop up window select 'Privacy'. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

Safari: From the drop-down setting menu in the upper right corner, select 'Preferences'. Select 'Security' and here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

To learn more about cookies and how to manage or disable third-party or marketing / retargeting cookies, the user can visit, and To disable analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on its navigation, the user can download the browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics:

The cookies used on the Site are listed in the following tables:

Cookie name




Privacy /

frontend, frontend_cid,

7 days


Session cookies



14 days


Cookies to identify the click on the banner of the use of cookies



7 days


Cookie to identify the display of the newsletter popup


__bcvc, __ddtest

30 days

Seat Pagine Gialle

They allow Seat Pagine Gialle to analyze the use of the site by users.


__bcsc, __bctc




48 months

Google Analytics

It allows to analyze the use of the site by users.



24 hours

_dc_gtm_UA-2464648-5, _dc_gtm_UA-25529285-1, _gat_UA-25529285-1

1 minute

Google Tag Manager

It allows to analyze the use of the site by users.



For any other information consult theprivacy policy of the Site

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