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Have you always wanted a cellar for storing wine in your home? Showine reveals some secrets to make your wishes come true.

There perfect conservation of the wine should be the top priority for all fans of Bacchus' nectar. Indeed, wine is a substance that evolves and changes over time: in a word it lives.

Preserving the bottles in the best way therefore becomes not only a priority but a real necessity to be able to enjoy the aromas and flavors of each type of wine.

What are the rules for storing wine?

It is essential to know that wine it does not tolerate certain environmental conditions and therefore some rules must be respected for its conservation.

For wine storage:

- Avoid exposure to direct light (both natural and artificial)

- Do not store the wine near sources of noise or vibration (e.g. washing machine)

- Keep the bottles in places neither too cold nor too hot and with constant humidity

These are the basic rules, but there are other more specific ones that allow a better conservation of the wine.
Bottles, for example, should always be arranged horizontally. This position guarantees constant humidity over the time of the cork stopper, thus guaranteeing its waterproof characteristics which, combined with the ability to retain oxygen, makes natural cork the best solution for a correct evolution and conservation of wine in the bottle

The arrangement of wines on the shelves depending on the type: white and sparkling wines in the lowest compartment followed by rosés, light reds and important reds.

Wine storage cellars:Showine reveals their secrets to you

What distinguishes a good cellar for storing wine Even a cellar, like a good bottle of wine, must have some particular physical and technical characteristics to guarantee the owner a proper conservation of the wine.

The characteristics of a good cellar:

- Preferably underground (at least 4 meters below ground level)

- Rammed earth, gravel or terracotta floor

- Absence of light

- Humidity constant (between 60 and 80%)

- Temperature constant (between 12 and 18C)C)

- Adequate ventilation

An underground cellar guarantees constant temperatures and humidity, which are essential for a good conservation of the wine and in addition does not allow the passage of light. Finally, a good cellar for storing wine should be for exclusive use: there should be no other foods in the environment, especially if with particular and strong aromas, which could affect the taste of the wine.

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