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Showine puts at your disposal one full range of wine cellars , the best that national and European production can offer in the wine conservation sector.

The range of products offered by Showine covers a wide range of needs : from the smallest refrigerated display cabinet, the built-in 7-bottle wine cellar, to the cabins large volumes from 600 to 4,000 bottles passing through the wine cellar with 264 bottles at single and double temperatures.

For smaller spaces Showine offers you some refrigerator bottle rack small size: like the wine cellar 7 bottles . This refrigerator bottle rack is ideal for obtaining an exclusive space for your bottles in the kitchen or office, always ready when needed

This is how the wine cellars become the perfect solution for your home, office, your local or for any environment where you will have the opportunity to toast and celebrate with a good glass.

Our equipment guarantees:

  • Adaptability: adjustable / extractable shelves, zones with differentiated temperatures, both free-standing and built-in installation
  • Reliability: maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity always constant thanks to the latest generation non-condensing ventilation systems
  • Duration: the construction materials are of high quality, stainless steel, multilayer tempered glass and solid wood (see wooden wine cellars)
  • Quality and safety: all products are CE marked and use environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant gas which does not damage the ozone layer


The air-conditioned wine cellars selected and proposed by Showine are the safest and most convenient storage system for your wine. Designed to meet every need, they complete your spaces with simplicity and functionality .

Give and give yourself the advantages of ours modular cellar : a unique piece of furniture, customizable and easy to install.

With Showine you can create a thousand different combinations and combine the pleasure of a good glass with the quality of our products.

For wine storage and large volumes see the dedicated products.

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Box and Lava Stone Kit
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      Venus refill set
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        Venus 2B -Portable Wine Chiller
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          Regular price€915,00€549,00
          • Bordeaux
          • Black

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