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Design and furnishing of customized wine cellars by Showine

For years now, Showine has been one of the Italian reference points for wine lovers.

Showine, based in Porto Mantovano, in fact delivers to the Bel Paese the products of some of the main world brands specialized in the storage and conservation of wine. Since 2006 the company has been the exclusive agent for Italy of the "Le Bloc Cellier" brand, the French leader in the field of reconstituted stone wine shelving systems.

The main fields of action of Showine concern the design and complete construction of wine storage cellars (both for individuals and for wine bars, wine bars, restaurants and wineries) and the furnishing, even made-to-measure, of basements and taverns. For Showine, the space and care dedicated to wine storage are essential to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the drinks and enjoy their freshness and fragrance.

Celebrating a pleasant anniversary with a special vintage will be even more impactful with a wine storage cellar designed by Showine.
Find out how to best set up your spaces, in line with your needs.

In addition to studying and planning the correct conservation of wines, Showine has enriched its catalog with variety and quality, proposing the sale of refined bottles and accessories related to the world of wine. You will have access to refrigerated cellars, bottle racks of all kinds, from steel to tuff and wood; pupitre for sparkling wines and champagne, magnum bottles, goblets and tasting decanters and other gift ideas for sommeliers, experts or wine lovers.

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