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How furniture connects with the world of wine Surely with the modern and exclusive design of furniture and accessories that offer its typical characteristics: let's find out together what it is!!

The "wine" themed furniture for homes and cellars

One of the best ways to start a nice dinner with friends is to bring your guests to choose their favorite wine in your well-stocked cellar. You can set up a modern wine bar, or create a more rustic atmosphere: in any case, the environment must be organized with care and with the right design pieces.

Your wine collection deserves a whole series of tricks to be kept at its best. Your passion for "Bacchus juice" can be expressed with truly unique details: not just furniture for storing wines, but real objects of taste and style, which become indispensable for all fans like you.

The basics of wine conservation

In addition to having a suitable space for the correct storage of wine, your bottles must be arranged with care and with some indispensable precautions:

  • The wine must be stored in a place where the temperature does not undergo excessive and rapid changes over time and we say that in any case during the solar year it should remain between 12 / 18CC
  • The same goes for humidity, where its optimal value is between 60% and 80%.
  • Total absence of direct light

What position should the bottles have in the cellar?

If you know that in a few months they will be drunk, the position is not important, if instead your bottles must evolve, mature, age. Then the bottles must be lying down, the cork of the cork in contact with the wine will remain moist thus maintaining the its elasticity and therefore its function. 
The wine that tastes of cork does not depend on the position of the bottle, this defect is caused by a fungus that has affected the cork of the cork, which then inevitably transmits it to the wineo

Types of furniture on Showine

Once you have checked compliance with the necessary parameters for the conservation of your wines, you can think about the style: choose a small tavern or a part of your living room to furnish with that rustic and timeless taste or with the latest design trends.

With the classic barrels, revisited to become comfortable seats, you can give that extra something to your home or cellar. There are also particular stools, all themed with wine and corks, or the traditional bottle racks. If you prefer, there are also solid wood boxes or furniture, or even beautiful showcases high-tech fridge with refined design

If you love contemporary style even in your rumpus room, you can opt for a wine bar style: choose on our site the proposal you like best and which one integrates best with your idea of relaxation and style, without sacrificing practicality and elegance.

Tidy up your wine collection and give it the best possible display! With a few clicks you receive everything at your home in a practical and fast way, without efforts and with the quality that distinguishes us.

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Wood-steel bottle rack 18 bottles
Regular price€139,00
    F18 Metal bottle rack
    Regular price€680,00
    • Corten
    • Burnished
    • Bronzed
    Wine rack Wood-Steel 15 bottles
    Regular price€95,00
      F16 Metal bottle rack
      Regular price€625,00
      • Corten
      • Burnished
      • Bronzed
      Wood-steel wine rack 9 bottles
      Regular price€58,00
        F18 Metal bottle rack
        Regular price€545,00
        • Antracite
        • Burnished
        • Bronzed
        • Corten
        • Nero
        • Grafite
        • Bianco
        • Bronzo
        Shoulder bottle rack magnetic
        Regular price€275,00
        • Natural Iron
        • White
        • Black
        • Graphite
        • Titanium
        Blade magnetic shelf
        • Natural oak
        • White
        • Black
        • Graphite
        • Titanium

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