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Cellar Fridge - Vintage Cellar Plus

- Unique numbered pieces in a certified limited series
- Materials of absolute and proven quality (precious woods – Chromed brass)
- Wide choice of external and internal finishes
- From 1 to 3 distinct controllable temperatures (up to 0°C) - (wine, cured meats and cheeses)
- 3-layer double glazing
- Minimum consumption and noise (latest generation Made in Italy engines)
- Completely washable interior - Retractable wheels for easy movement
- 100% made in Italy

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Materiale: Original woods and metals + New high quality restoration components

Length: variable from model to model

Height: variable from model to model

Depth: variable from model to model

Nr. Bottles: from 240


Vintage Cellars, found throughout the country in a state of disuse, are refrigerators used since the early 1950s for the conservation of wines and foods, generally in food shops, trattorias and butchers.

The restoration of each cell consists of complete dismantling with the sole aim of recovering the architectural mathematics and handles in fine brass, a job that takes two craftsmen for around four months.

Easy movement on retractable wheels integrated into the base,
Materials and components of absolute and proven quality
Energy absorption reduced to a minimum
Chilean pine frame, thermal insulation with high thermal resistance
Wide choice for the color of the external laminate and visible profiles
Triple glazing, antique woods such as Oak / Siberian Elm / Red Larch.

The screws are made of steel with a rounded head and slotted screw, aluminum profiles, stainless steel tank and removable condensate trap, Made in Italy motor with thermal tablet inverter to guarantee maximum silence, completely washable interior LED lighting and medium capacity of 240 bottles, the inspection compartments for future cleaning are discreet and faithful to the era, the static radiator allows temperatures to be reduced even to 0 degrees Celsius.

Possibility of also having two/three temperatures with two radiators and two controls.

Each cell is a unique and numbered piece in a limited series, the first hallmark can be recognized on the external left side at the top and the second is found on the inside on the right shoulder at the top.

If the handles are missing, they are reproduced in pure shell-cast brass and after adjustment they are chromed.

Primitive origin - Material origin - Processing and restoration: ITALY


Installation: Free

Bottle capacity (750 ml Bordelese): 240

Electronic temperature regulation: Yes

Thermometer display: Digital

Number of Temperatures: Multitemperature

Adjustable temperature: from +0° to +18°C

Room temperature: from 16 ° to 36 ° C

Refrigeration: variable from model to model

Number of compressors: 1

Heating (winter function): No

Anti-vibration system: Yes

Refrigerant gas: R290

Consumption: Power 150 W

Voltage / Frequency: 230 V/50 Hz

Warranty: 2 years

Length: variable from model to model

Height: variable from model to model

Depth: 665 mm

Weight: 550 kg

External finish: variable from model to model

Door type: Full Glass with Handle

Door lock: Yes

Reversible door: Yes

Vetro porta: 3-layer Low-E double glazing

Number of shelves: variable from model to model

Interior light: Led

Adjustable feet: Yup

Cellar Fridge - Vintage Cellar Plus

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