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Cellar Cabin Climate 990 Bottles

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Air-conditioned cabin made of insulated aluminum panels equipped with air conditioning that guarantees temperature, humidity and ventilation,
Capacity up to 990 bottles with 23 sliding shelves as standard
Easy assembly and disassembly (assembly on request)
Color: Black

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Materiale: Aluminum panels

Length: 187 cm

Height: 205 cm

Depth: 117 cm

Nr. Bottles: 990 Bordeaux type


The Clima Cabins are made with high-performance and ecological materials.
Thanks to a specific study, Cabina Clima offers a considerable storage capacity, in relation to its overall volume.
Cabina Clima offers you the optimal conditions for storing and aging your wine, that is, the right setting and control of Temperature and humidity, the total absence of light, the right ventilation and the absence of vibrations.
Cabina Clima is made with aluminum panels insulated with extruded polystyrene, they are equipped with air conditioning that has temperature, ventilation and humidification functions.
They can be installed in any dry environment and a simple household power socket is sufficient.
Cabine Clima is easy to assemble and disassemble in the event of a move.

Warranties: 2 years/10 years for anti-deformation

Cellar Cabin Climate 990 Bottles
Full Door/ Cooling down - €11.450,00
  • Full Door/ Cooling down - €11.450,00
  • Full Door/ Cooling + Heating - €12.750,00
  • Glass door/ Cooling down - €11.950,00
  • Glass door/ Cooling + Heating - €13.250,00

Cellar Cabin Climate 990 Bottles

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