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Integration between production and sale

The increasingly frequent presence of visitors to the company and the importance today attributed to wine tourism, which has become widespread in the territories characterized by prestigious wine production and landscapes, enrich the cellars with new functions that integrate those strictly productive and ask for a new modulation.
The visiting spaces of the cellars are a significant attraction for food and wine tourism or more generally for rural tourism in the area concerned.
For the success of the project, a good integration of the visiting spaces with the operational ones becomes essential, and at the same time the reduction of the interference of the presence of visitors in the processing areas.
The winery is also equipped with representative and reception rooms for visitors and communicates the characteristic features of its product in them. The close relationship between wine and territory can be effectively communicated in these spaces if it is possible to organize for the visitor an experience of perception of wine, made up of information, tasting, enjoyment of the landscape, pleasure.a.
Particular importance has been attributed to environments specifically reserved for tasting, equipped with equipped counters, tables and areas serving the public which, in relation to the possible food combinations that characterize the tasting, can be connected to a kitchen that can be used for the preparation of products. . In visual and functional continuity with these premises, the area for displaying and selling the products, and an outdoor area that can serve as an equipped extension of these spaces have been conceived.
Great importance is given to the tasting and exhibition area, both in terms of intended surfaces and for the architectural quality, being delegated to it the task of expressing the unique characteristics and image of the company. In relation to the available expansion spaces, this area can be connected with real tourist-cultural equipment: accommodation spaces, restaurants, wine museums, art exhibitions, exhibition spaces or for events such as concerts, readings, shows.

"Toniolo" Bar in Casale sul Sile and Interior of the "Bel e Bon" Food Boutique in Affi.

Architecture:from the cellar to Retail

Architecture must solve, in an effective synthesis, image and function. Its mission must be to offer quality sustainable answers. The architectural image represents an international and universally recognized language of communication. The architecture manifests the characteristics of a company and communicates them, helping to select the target customer reference.
In the wine world, architecture often also means landscape architecture that must enhance and confirm the expectations of the imagination aroused by the world of wine. Architecture fully enters into the choices of the commercial strategy of companies, above all.
in the wine sector. The design process must take into account the characteristics of the function that justifies the construction of a work. Functional needs dictate the organization of spaces, their succession and their ability to adapt over time. The project must be economically sustainable at the time of the construction of the work as well as in its management over time.
These are the principles that move our action and that are proposed with WinebrandTM.

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