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External restyling projects

The evolution of pre-existing cellars

In addressing the issue of cellars from a design point of view, we often come across a request to offer completion or partial intervention solutions. Often the proposal must support a development phase of a company that cannot, or often does not want to, build its structure from scratch, but must complete and evolve it, especially in transmitting the new development phase of the established business.

In this case, an external covering of the storage area, the design of which recalls a bunch of grapes.

Facade cladding

The envelope of a building can determine its performance and architectural impact: the study of the cladding is a critical area in the design of buildings, and plays a central role in giving life to the architect's vision.
The facades are also to be considered as important environmental mediators in the commercial success of the building.
Technical innovation is essential in the design of facades:
new solutions and cladding materials are continuously developed in search of better performance, making the design and construction of the building envelope a highly complex discipline.
Showine is able to propose solutions in the field of facades capable of giving value to new and existing buildings, by increasing durability and saving energy.
Showine advises its customers on the best way to design and build the building envelope, collaborating with professionals and technicians with proven experience and multidisciplinary know-how, guaranteeing high-level technical advice throughout the entire process, including the choice of materials. , colors and graphics, technical services and systems. Our goal is to produce value solutions, able to optimize costs and provide the best performance within the budget and the estimated times.

Wood facade cladding (Affi)

The facade of a shopping center

The facade of a commercial complex (Conselve)

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